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Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

At Like A Phoenix, our assessments offer comprehensive insights into strengths, challenges, and developmental patterns. With a "whole person" approach, we integrate data from multiple sources, including history, observations, and testing. Our reports are user-friendly, prioritizing personalized recommendations to address immediate needs. Unlock your potential by scheduling an evaluation today.
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Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

At Like A Phoenix, our mental health counseling services help individuals rise from the ashes and reclaim their well-being. Our compassionate therapists provide support, guidance, and evidence-based treatments tailored to your unique needs. We believe in your resilience and are committed to helping you overcome challenges and achieve emotional healing. Take the first step towards a brighter future by scheduling a counseling session today.
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Hello, I'm Mona, a therapist who specializes in individual therapy and psychological assessment.

As Oscar Wilde once said, "Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation." READ MORE...

I am Jennifer Bellissimo, Psy.D. As a psychologist, I look forward to exploring how children and adolescents consume information, perceive the world, and apply it all in daily activities. Serving ages 8 – 18, testing and assessment creates opportunities READ MORE...

I'm Dr. Rondón, and I provide psychological assessment and consultations for children as young as 8 years old and young adults with developmental concerns.

My focus is on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning for READ MORE...


I believe that success in therapy begins with a supportive, nonjudgmental environment.
I see myself as a guide in your process and believe that you have the ultimate agency needed to determine the most authentic path for yourself.
I have 10 years


As a licensed therapist, I enjoy working with individuals from various backgrounds, ages and lifestyles. My many years of practice have given me experience in a broad variety of focuses, including issues with addiction, anger management, mood disorder and grief  READ MORE...


My name is Nikki Ritter and I have been working as a therapist since 2016.
I enjoy working with people from all walks of life and various backgrounds, with a special focus on children and adolescents.
My approach focuses on empowerment


I believe it takes courage to accept and address one's mental health needs. It is for this matter that I provide the necessary guidance and support for individuals to develop coping skills and tools that will help address the problems impacting their lives in a READ MORE...


My name is Jessica Mangan and I am a Licensed Assistant Behavioral Analyst (LABA). Before I tell you what it is that I do in my work, I would like to tell you about me. I am a music fanatic, love trying new foods, a proud member of the LGBTQ community, and a Girl Scout Leader for the READ MORE...


Greetings, my name is Lynnette Littles, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. After working in healthcare for more than 20 years, I obtained a Master's in Social Work, with a Concentration in Urban Leadership from Simmons College in READ MORE...


My name is Christian and I have been in the mental health field for over three years. As my own life unfolds, I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason and that everything works out in the end, albeit sometimes in unexpected ways. READ MORE...


My name is Esraa, and I am a Forensic mental health clinician. I believe that who we are today is strongly influenced by how the world once treated us. I emphasize understanding how past childhood experiences have the ability to impact present functioning. READ MORE...


Todays’ challenges can seem overwhelming. Many find that their “typical tools” of coping are just not getting them through the day anymore. I am a licensed therapist with 14 years of experience helping people gain insights into their life that help them to not just survive but READ MORE...


I'm Kelly, a Nationally Certified Counselor with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, committed to fostering a safe, non-judgmental space for client healing through a holistic approach that recognizes the mind-body-spirit connection. In my practice, READ MORE...

Hi. I'm Diana. For over 15 years, I have been meeting people where they are at.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has been the foundational approach of every alliance I have co-built with children, adolescents READ MORE...


Hello, my name is Joy and I have been in the mental health field for over five years.

I received my master’s degree in Mental Health & Family from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and enjoy working with people in different stages of life, ranging READ MORE...


My name is Yvette Lawhorn and I have been working in the mental health field since 2012 after receiving my Bachelor's in Social Work. I started my career working with adolescents in residential programs, then in-home family therapy for complex adolescents. READ MORE...


Our Tests

Our Tests

Our comprehensive testing evaluates various areas to provide a clear understanding of individuals' strengths and challenges. We assess Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), memory problems, intellectual disability, and learning/behavioral patterns as well as learning disabilities like dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.
Our assessments cover executive functioning, general intellectual capacity, attention, memory, language, social/emotional skills, and personality traits. Additionally, we test academic skills such as reading, mathematics, and writing. Our testing serves purposes like diagnostic determinations, treatment guidance, special education eligibility, and securing disability accommodations in different settings like college, employment, or testing environments.


What To Expect?

What To Expect?

If you are looking for mental health counseling, before your intake appointment, you can fill out the online form or you contact us and we'll send you a Google form to fill out with your basic information. If you're insured, we'll check your coverage and schedule an appointment. Forms will be provided for you to complete before your appointment, and you can upload relevant documents or bring copies.
If you are looking for a psychological assessment, during the intake appointment, we'll conduct an interview to understand your concerns and explain the testing process, scheduling a tailored testing appointment. Testing involves assessing cognitive, social/emotional, and executive function strengths and challenges, along with questionnaires. Afterward, a feedback appointment will provide a comprehensive report, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations, allowing for discussion and questions.


Payment Facts

Payment Facts

At Like A Phoenix, we believe in helping you navigate the financial aspects of your healthcare. If we are contracted with your insurance, the amount you pay for deductible, copay, and coinsurance will be determined by your insurance plan. We will check your coverage and charge you the amount allowed by your insurance. It's crucial to have a thorough understanding of your insurance plan.

Please be aware that a fee of $130 will be charged for regular psychotherapy sessions and $150 for intake appointments or feedback appointments for psychological assessments in the event of cancellation or no-show. For 3 to 5-hour psychological assessments, a $300 fee will be charged if canceled within 24 hours or not attended. Our all-inclusive psychological assessment fees range from $2500 to $5000, depending on your or your child's needs. For out-of-pocket school achievement assessments, fees range from $1500 to $3500, depending on your child's needs.  

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